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All subscriptions are on a monthly basis and they consist of 2 components, a flat fee and a usage-based fee. Both of these fees will vary depending on the subscription you choose. Each subscription comes with a set number of Dropmails, pipelines, and destinations, and once you exceed these numbers, you’ll be charged for additional usage at the per-unit rates indicated on your subscription plan.

You can easily update your subscription from the admin app at any time. To do so, make sure to first input a payment method, if you haven’t done so already. When you update your subscription, your current cycle usage linked to your current subscription is reported and added to your next bill, and then your usage is reset immediately.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, it will become effectively cancelled at the end of your billing cycle. This means that you’ll still be able to use the product until that date, and any usage in excess of your subscription will be added to your final bill.


Dropmail processing does not stop running and recording usage when you use up your subscription's usage allocation. Any usage beyond your subscription's allocation will be automatically invoiced in your next payment cycle at the per unit prices of your current subscription. Be sure to either upgrade your subscription plan with enough runs or delete unused Dropmails to avoid suprise bills.